2020 Ford Explorer Vehicle Engineering Manager Tells What’s New

Interview with key engineer reveals big differences in 2020 Ford Explorer

Ford has redesigned America’s all-time best-selling SUV for the 2020 model year with lighter, leaner, stronger construction and an eye toward fixing the few things that consumers found wrong with the extremely popular previous version. Not only is the new Explorer lineup the broadest ever the Explorer is also returning to its roots as a rear-drive platform. And, of course, a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system is offered that will both conquer off-road challenges and help you get all the way down the driveway on snowy nights.

During the Ford Explorer press introduction in the hills overlooking the Columbia River east of Portland, Oregon, we had the chance for a thorough interview with Scott Slimack, Ford Explorer vehicle engineering manager and the father of four kids who helped guide the project to be a great tool for families just like his.

As the father of three children myself, two of whom drive an earlier-generation of the Explorer, Slimack and I had a lot of common experiences to talk about. If you’re interested in the details on the 2020 Ford Explorer from a guy who was instrumental in its development and introduction, you’ve come to the right place.