2022 Ford Mustang

Ford Intros 5 New Mustang Models

For the 2022 model year, the Mustang will offer five new special edition models while standing pat mechanically. With no major changes this year in powertrain or suspension, the special editions should give buyers a […]


Best Tips for Getting a Great Car Loan

It is happening right now — a car buyer is arguing tooth-and-nail with the general manager of an auto dealership about the purchase price of a new vehicle. After spending a long time going back […]

Cadillac XT5
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GM Extends Its Military Discount to More Veterans

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend General Motors has decided to significantly enhance its GM Military Discount. Formerly GM’s program covered current members of the armed forces plus those up to one year […]

Online lease deals

Know the Tradeoffs of Long Car Loans

You have just test-driven a brand-new car, and you’re convinced that it is just the car for you.  You’re all ready to make it your own.  Your credit is pretty good, and your monthly income […]


Shop for your Next Car Loan

Many people simply stumble into their auto loan. On a Saturday morning they decide to visit a local car dealership “just to look around.” By the time lunch rolls around they find they’ve purchased a […]

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Avoiding the Disaster of a Bad Car Loan

Are you underwater in your car loan? If you’re in the middle of a five-year, six-year or longer-term loan, you could be in a bad car loan. The terms “underwater” and “upside down” refer to […]


Is it Time to Refinance your Car Loan?

If you haven’t noticed lately, the American economy is in doldrums. That’s not considered good news for consumers, but there are some silver linings in the cloud, and one of them is lower interest rates. […]