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End of Year Car Leasing Has Pitfalls

Shopping at the end of the year has reached legendary proportions for bargain-hunting car shoppers. Even with a stock market that seems a bit shaky, the desire to get a new car before the new […]


Lease-App Honcker Adds Pricing Trends Data

Just when should you pull the trigger on a new lease? That’s the question that car leasing app Honcker is ready to answer. It has just added a new feature that enables potential lease customers […]

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New App Makes Car Leasing Simple – Exclusive Audio Interview

For those of you who have been waiting for an app that will enable you to lease a car without ever setting foot in a dealership, your rocket ship has landed. Honcker is an app […]

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Lease Expert Gives New Car Lease Tips – Audio

New car leasing has come back from the endangering species list to capture about 30 percent of the car market. The reason? In comparison to buying your car with an installment loan, leasing you next […]

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Leasing Nets More Car for Monthly Dollar

Should I lease or buy isn’t as age-old a question as which came first, the chicken or the egg, but it undoubtedly has more application to your everyday life.  As vehicles get more sophisticated, complicated […]