America on the Road Episode 0008

In this episode hosts Jack Nerad and Chris Teague road test the Kia Stinger and the Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring. The Stinger is the sportiest of the Kia offerings, and Jack drove the highest […]

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America on the Road Episode 0003

In this episode of the “America on the Road” podcast, Jack Nerad and Chris Teague road test the 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck and the Subaru Legacy midsize sedan. In the interview segment, […]

CES 2020
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Ford, Daimler, and Toyota take over CES

Remember when CES used to be about nifty gadgets? Curved televisions, robot dogs, tiny drones that fit in your pocket. These days, however, the hottest new gadgets at CES weigh roughly two tons. Just ask […]

Volvo satisfies consumers
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Volvo, Lexus, Subaru Satisfy Car-Buyers Best, Study Says

People are liking their cars little more this year than last. That is the conclusion to be drawn from the just-announced 2018 ACSI Automobile Report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index measuring car-buyer satisfaction. Consumers’ […]