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Best Pickup Trucks Buyers Guide

Pickup truck buyers are a very diverse group of people. It stands to reason a Pickup Truck Buyers Guide has to acknowledge that diversity and look at trucks from all angles. If you ask today’s […]

Cadillac XT5
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GM Extends Its Military Discount to More Veterans

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend General Motors has decided to significantly enhance its GM Military Discount. Formerly GM’s program covered current members of the armed forces plus those up to one year […]

Toyota Tacoma
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2018 Toyota Tacoma Essential Expert Review

What you need to know The Toyota Tacoma has been the number-one-selling mid-size pickup truck in America for more than a decade. A key reason the Tacoma has become so popular is its well-earned reputation […]

Used Car Buyers Guide

Study Seeks to Answer Used Cars Age Question

Used vehicles are consumers’ best defense versus steadily increasing new-car prices. Vehicles are lasting longer than ever as the overall level of vehicle quality and dependability increases. Used cars are a bigger bargain than ever. […]


Lease-App Honcker Adds Pricing Trends Data

Just when should you pull the trigger on a new lease? That’s the question that car leasing app Honcker is ready to answer. It has just added a new feature that enables potential lease customers […]

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Dodge Charger Daytona 392 Essential Expert Review

What you need to know The Dodge Charger Daytona 392 isn’t the most powerful Charger for 2018. That distinction goes to the absurdly powerful Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat that boasts both 707 horsepower and an […]

Flying cars for military
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Military Flying Cars Might Spur Consumer Sales

Flying cars have been expected for decades, but now the age of the flying car might have arrived thanks to its military potential. Sure, many of us have craved flying cars for their ability to […]