Driving Chevy Bolt EV for a Week in the Maine Woods

Mitusubishi's Cason Grover on all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander; Road test of 2021 Toyota CH-R Nightshade Edition; Why carmakers can't make cars

The entire auto industry is having a terrible problem building cars and trucks right now. We’ll tell you why in this episode of America on the Road. It is the first episode of our 25th year on the air, a mark we’re proud of.

We’re also proud of the special guest we have for you this week. Cason Grover is the head of product planning at Mitsubishi. We’ll be speaking to him about their all-new flagship vehicle, the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander, and he’ll also tell us about another of their vehicle, the heavily modified 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander is the brand’s flagship, and it’s all-new this year.

In the road test segment co-host Chris Teague will not only tell us how tall he is (again) but he will also tell us what it’s like to live with the 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV for a week in Maine. Is the state infrastructure up to the task of keeping the car topped up with electrons? We’ll tell you the answer.

The 2021 Toyota CH-R now comes in a Nightshade Edition, and we tested it this week.

Also in the road test portion of the program, host Jack Nerad will tell all about a vehicle that defies classification. Is the 2021 Toyota CH-R Nightshade a sports coupe, a hatchback, a crossover…or a deadly poison? We’ll give you our answer during this week’s show.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Chevy Bolt’s Chief Engineer