How AEye LiDar Will Help Your Car See Better So You Drive Safer

Road testing Ford Ranger STX 4x4; All-New GMC Yukon Full-Size SUV

2021 Ford Ranger

Soon your car will be able to see better than you can. That is the message from Rick Tewell, COO of a company called AEye. His company develops LiDar technology, using lasers to enable your car to see things you can’t see. Many believe such technology is the key to developing cars that drive themselves. In this episode Host Jack Nerad sits down with Tewell for an in-depth talk on the advanced technology his company offers that will get us closer to autonomous cars.

In the road test segment, co-host Chris Teague brings his special 6-foot-tall brand of vehicle testing to the 2021 Ford Ranger STX midsize pickup. Is the Ranger up to the tasks he will put it through during pickle season in Maine? The only place to find out is America on the Road.

Also in the road test segment, Jack Nerad puts the full-size GMC Yukon SUV through its paces. It’s all-new for 2021. Did General Motors get the remake right? Or did they fumble the ball on the goal line? Nerad will have the answers.

In the news, Tesla Motors has changed a key element in overall business plan, and we’ll tell you all about it.

The 2021 GMC Yukon Denali is a great American family hauler.