2020 Cadillac XT6 Chief Engineer Gives Details on New Model

Midsize crossover Cadillac XT6 takes the brand into market it has rarely tried to exploit

2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport

Cadillac has added to its SUV portfolio with the 2020 XT6, a three-row, six-passenger vehicle that significantly broadens the brand’s appeal.  The reason?  It is aimed at the family car market, a segment that Cadillac has never really exploited.  Most of its SUVs have been targeted at young singles, couples, and empty-nesters. But the XT6 is unabashedly a family vehicle.

It comes in two basic flavors — Premium Luxury and Sport — and the two are very well differentiated both in appearance and in mechanical pieces. But the two sub-models do share the 3.6-liter V-6 engine offering an estimated at 310 horsepower backed by a nine-speed automatic transmission featuring next-generation Electronic Precision Shift. To enhance fuel-efficiency, Active Fuel Management technology enables the engine to operate as a V-4 when more power is not required.

During an event held outside Washington, DC, we had the opportunity to do extensive drives of both Premium Luxury and Sport models, and we can attest to the differences. At the same time, both have significant similarities, and we’d guess that in daily driving most consumers would find them virtually indistinguishable from a ride, handling and performance standpoint. It is only when pushed that the difference becomes clear.

DT’s Chief Content Officer Jack R. Nerad recently had the opportunity to discuss the XT6 with its chief engineer, John Plonka, and you can listen to that interview by clicking on the player below.

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