Are You Paying for Tech You Don’t Use?

Road tests: 2022 Honda Civic, 2022 Toyota Mirai; How You Can Keep Your Kids Safe This Fall

2022 Toyota Mirai

This week Tesla has set a new sales record, and we’ll tell you how they did it. And if you aren’t using all the tech gadgets that your new car offers, you aren’t alone. A new J.D. Power study takes a fascinating look at new technology that is going unused. Does you car offer your features you just don’t care about?

This week our special guest is Tricia Morrow, a top safety engineer at Chevrolet. She’ll discuss what you can do as a driver to stay safe as we move deeper into fall. And Host Jack Nerad will ask her the special things each of us can do to keep our children safe in our vehicles.

In the road test segment Co-Host Chris Teague will take a long look at the all-new 2022 Honda Civic. It is one of the bestselling cars of the past three generations, and the 2022 model adds some features you would expect from a Civic. We’ll tell you all about them.

And speaking of different Host Jack Nerad will tell you all about his experiences in one of the most futuristic vehicles on the road today, the fuel-cell-powered 2022 Toyota Mirai. The Mirai uses hydrogen as fuel and emits nothing but water vapor. Could vehicles like the Mirai solve the environmental issues we are facing right now?