Buick Encore GX Takes Small SUVs To Different Level; Interview With Buick’s Seth Valentine

Road tests of the 2021 Lincoln Aviator & Volvo XC60 T8 Polestar plus analysis of 2021 Ford Explorer's Impact on America

In this episode of award-winning America on the Road we take a close look at the all-new Buick Encore GX, a different take on the small SUV. In the in-depth interview with Buick product expert Seth Valentine we learn about the luxury and convenience features Buick has built into the hot-selling entry. The GX has features that many larger luxury brand small utilities would envy.

In the vehicle review segment hosts Jack Nerad and Chris Teague examine the Lincoln Aviator and the Volvo XC60 T8 E-AWD Polestar. As different as they might seem on the surface, the two vehicles actually share many similarities, including their hybrid powertrains. The Aviator very cleverly disguises its Ford Explorer origins, while the XC60 borrows liberally from its XC90 big brother.

In the news portion of the podcast, Jack and Chris discuss the economic impact of the 2021 Ford Explorer on America and dissect Kia’s recent announcement that it expects to become a major electric vehicle manufacturer by the middle of this decade.

Buick Encore GX

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