Carmakers, Info Providers Vie for In-Car Supremacy

Who controls a driver's source of information has become a multi-billion-dollar battlefield.

In-car connectivity is becoming a giant battlefield in the auto industry. There was a time when each auto sale was a discrete purchase, and the manufacturer might have no contact at all with the customer after the sale. But now carmakers have the sense they can profit significantly from their customers after they buy their vehicles and for years thereafter.

It’s a very hot topic that will eventually mean billions of dollars for the winners and sad failure for the losers. With us to talk about it is an expert on that on-going battle that means so much to the car manufacturers and information providers like Google and Apple. Our guest is Sreeni Chakravarti, vice president for future manufacturing enterprise transformation at Tata Consultancy Services, a global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, and he has studied this market in depth on a global basis.

In an era when some make car purchase decisions on the basis of whether the car offers Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, it has become obvious that some consumers have more loyalty to their smart device than they do to their automobile brand…and that has carmakers shaking.

Who will win this titanic battle?  Chakravarti has some interesting answers that might surprise you.