Driving All-New 2021 Ford F-150: Hybrid Power Never Felt So Good

Why General Motors, Tesla Motors want to sell car insurance plus interview with Closing Speed Author Ted West on Racing's most dangerous series

The Ford F-150 has just been named North American Truck of the Year.

We just got the chance to drive the all-new 2021 Ford F-150, and we made the most of it. In an event that combined on-road driving, off-road crawling, and even a little black ice, host Jack Nerad had the chance to put various F-150 models through their paces. During the road test section of America on the Road he describes his experiences in detail, and guest host Geno Effler of J.D. Power reveals how previous editions of the F-150 fared in the firm’s consumer studies.

In the interview portion of the program, Nerad has a lengthy discussion with well-known and highly honored automotive journalist and racing writer Ted West. Closing Speed is the title of West’s first novel, and it takes the reader behind the scenes to witness the intimate drama of the World Sportscar Championship, some of the most heated and dangerous racing of all time. West and Nerad also discuss how the starts of their careers oddly coincided although they had never met.

In the news segment Effler and Nerad look at Mercury Insurance’s list of the most affordable cars to insure. Some vehicles on the list are anything but intuitive. And they take a peek at a business that you wouldn’t expect Tesla Motors to play in, but where the innovative company is taking a leadership role.

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