Why Does 2021 Mazda3 Still Excite Us?

Interview with Honda Product Planner Jerry Chang on 2021 Honda Accord and Accord Hybrid plus road test of 2021 Toyota Sienna

According to Honda, the new 2021 Accord Hybrid is the version of the car you should buy. Why? That’s one of the many questions we asked Honda product planner Jerry Chang about the model that has become an American icon. He and host Jack Nerad discuss how the revised edition of the ever-popular sedan has been prepared to please a new cohort of Millennial buyers.

In the car review segment co-host Chris Teague takes a long look at a car that has always been a car enthusiast’s favorite, the Mazda Mazda3. Did Mazda enhance the car’s reputation with its changes for 2021 or does it fall on its face?

Also in the car review segment Jack Nerad reveals his very unexpected affection for the all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna minivan. Nerad isn’t typically a minivan guy, but the new Sienna with its exclusively hybrid powertrain and cleverly designed interior won him over. He’ll tell you why.

The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid brings new tech to the midsize sedan market.

Taking a look at the news Nerad counts down the most stolen vehicles of 2020, and the two hosts kick around recent announcements by Volvo and MINI about those two brands’ respective electrification efforts. Achieving their lofty goals might stretch credulity.

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