New App Can Ward Off Holiday Car Breakdowns

VOYO with Scan Pro Enables Consumers to See What Might Go Wrong

Holiday travel

Estimates are that more than 45 million Americans will hit the road for the July 4th holiday weekend…if they can figure out which weekend it is. With July 4 on Wednesday, many of us are confused. What we’re not confused about is the desire to go on vacation and return safely and without hassle. Breakdowns on a holiday weekend can turn a blast into a nightmare. Now there is new technology to help drivers understand what is happening with their vehicles before they encounter car trouble.

Get alerts on your smartphone

Designed to work with OBD-II-equipped vehicles — and we’d be surprised if you car isn’t one of them — VOYO is a compact, discrete controller that reads manufacturer-level diagnostic trouble codes and sends alerts to the driver’s phone warning of a problem. It runs on all cars and light- and medium-duty trucks built since 1996.VOYO

Recently the company introduced VOYO with Scan Pro that provides consumers with the ability to detect hidden problems on their vehicles. Integrated into the VOYO Apps for iOS and Android, Scan Pro works in conjunction with the plug-in controller to read manufacturer Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from vehicle computers. it also reports a wide range of advanced data related to vehicle operating conditions, driver safety and weather. Having this information enables drivers to diagnose problems early and to schedule service to pre-empt serious and expensive issues like those that could mess up your Fourth of July weekend.

Data from all your vehicle computers

Unlike other OBD-II controllers that only read generic trouble codes and data from a single on-board computer in your vehicle, VOYO with Scan Pro reads manufacturer trouble codes from all of the vehicle’s computers. In addition to avoiding breakdowns the app also enables users to clear vehicle trouble codes. The company believes the system’s ability to send advanced diagnostic and other telematics information could create new opportunities for service and repair, roadside assistance and insurance businesses.

Your car could facilitate identity theft

“In today’s new era of connected, assisted and automated driving, vehicle owners increasingly expect access to data from their vehicles,” said Greg Potter, executive manager of the Equipment and Tool Institute. “Service, diagnostic and maintenance data is perhaps the most important information of all to ensure your ride’s performance and reliability.”

The new Scan Pro feature works on over 145 million vehicles, including most major car brands manufactured since 2008, including Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia. Supported vehicles are listed at

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