New Way to Find Best Parking Spot

TomTom, ParkWhiz Offer New Parking Solution

Now you can not only get where you want to go, you’ll be able to find a place to park when you get there. TomTom, a maker of vehicle navigation systems, has teamed up with ParkWhiz, a provider of parking services. The object of the relationship is for ParkWhiz to provide TomTom with access to one of the largest databases of public parking facilities in the United States and Canada. By integrating the parking information with its highly detailed and accurate maps, TomTom expects to enable users of its navigation and location products to find and drive to parking lots near many popular North American locations like the White House, Wrigley Field and the original Bob’s Big Boy restaurant.

Reserve that critical parking place

Of course, the possibility exists that you could go to a famous — or not-so-famous — venue and find that all the parking has been taken. So the new TomTom/ParkWhiz initiative will also provide reservation capability, allowing drivers to view, reserve, and pay for parking from the comfort of their vehicle. This will create an end-to-end parking service, equipping drivers with the services needed to enjoy a successful and fruitful parking experience.

“With parking information cited as a top connected service being integrated by automakers, TomTom is committed to delivering a service that offers location precision and reliability,” said Antoine Saucier, managing director, TomTom Automotive. “We anticipate that by providing highly relevant parking information to drivers, we will be able to deliver some of the same benefits that users of TomTom Traffic have experienced over the last 10 years: saving time and money, reducing stress, and minimizing environmental impact.”

Getting the right spot for the right price

TomTom’s parking product portfolio, which includes both on-street and off-street parking options, is designed to empower drivers during their parking search. A key element of that empowerment is the ability to tell potential parkers where empty parking spaces are and then help them get there.  Reserving a space in advance via ParkWhiz is a bonus.