Selling your Car? Swap Motors Can Make a Big-Dollar Difference

Swap Motors bring technology to the age-old game of selling your car

Alex Johnson, CEO and Founder, Swap Motors

These days car owners have very limited choices when it comes to selling their own cars.  They can list it on various websites, take out a newspaper ad and put a for sale sign in the side window. Or they can drive it to their local dealer, sell it outright or trade it in on another car. Both options are fraught with problems.  And that’s where Swap Motors comes in. The suburban Chicago-based company thinks it has found a way to make the process more palatable and more profitable to sellers and buyers.

As millions have discovered, trying to sell your car yourself these days is a process filled with innumerable hassles.  Where do you advertise?  How much will advertising cost?  Where do you meet prospective car buyers?  How do you arrange test drives?  How do you make a safe and secure transfer of funds for secure transfer of title?

DT’s Jack R. Nerad had a chance to discuss the relatively new business with Swap Motors chief executive and founder Alex Johnson. That interview is available by clicking on the audio player below.


Swap Motors gives you two ways to sell your car.

Selling your car to a dealer answers all those questions but it raises another big question.  Can you sell your car to a dealer and get the value (read dollars) for it that it is worth?  Perhaps if you shop the car from dealer to dealer to dealer you can, but who has that kind of time?  And who wants to go through that kind of agony?

Swap Motors’ two solutions enable you to sell your car to a private party without all the hassles involved or enable you to put your car up for online auction so scores of dealers can bid on your car. The first solution might gain you a better price at the cost of time.  The second solution won’t typically net you as much money for your car, but the total transaction is completed in a remarkably short period of time.

Sound too good to be true?  If you don’t live in the Chicago area, you might be right, because currently, Swap Motors is only prepared to facilitate transactions in and around the Windy City. But we believe their services are destined to spread.

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