Auto Touchup Paint Can Solve Problems

Touchup Paint Can Offer Good Results

The state of your vehicle’s paint can speak volumes to anybody who sees it. Pristine paint that is freshly washed and waxed is far more pleasing to the eye than scratched, chipped, dusty paint. After a chip, nick or scratch one way to get there is by hiring a professional body repair shop to paint all or specific areas on your car. But there’s another way that can also offer good results. It’s called auto touchup paint, and the science behind it has improved markedly.

We asked Paul Fernandez, the general manager of AutomotiveTouchup, to tell us how to fix damages to automotive paint in a fraction of the time for far less the cost of a professional body shop.

Problem No. 1 Getting scratches repaired takes time

Paint scrape on bumper

You want your vehicle to look presentable and drive safely, but the functionality is the most important aspect. This often means paint chips or scratches are left to be fixed at a later date and time. Unfortunately, there are risks to leaving damaged paint exposed to the elements. Most notably, exposure of the the metal under the paint can result in rust, and rust can end up being even more difficult and expensive to fix than just a chip.

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“If you take your car into a body shop, they have cars ahead of yours. You can drop it off on a Monday and not get your car back until Wednesday or later. Our AutomotiveTouchup paint is designed to make it easy to fix your paint yourself in a few easy steps in hours not days,” Fernandez said.

Problem No. 2 Professional paintwork is expensive

Repair with automotive touchup paint.

Many people tend to avoid fixing their scratched and nicked paint because of the cost associated with professional body shops. With some repairs getting into the hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars to fix, a lot of people don’t find it worth the money to repair a simple chip or small scratch that doesn’t affect how the car runs.

According to Fernandez, “Body shops can get expensive because you’re paying somebody else to do all of the labor. A lot of the cost is labor, and the rest is the tools and paint used to fix it. Sourcing the paint yourself can save you a lot of money, and AutomotiveTouchup is custom-mixed at an affordable price.”

Problem No. 3: Fixing paint issues is inconvenient

Even if you have the time and money to take your car to a professional body shop to get your paint repaired, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to slow down long enough to sacrifice your car for a few days. The convenience of fixing your vehicle’s paint at your house in your own time can’t be beat.

Variety of product sizes for various uses.

“Why schedule an appointment, hand over your car, wait days for it to be finished and spend a lot of money?’ Fernandez said.

Using touchup paint is a simple three step process you can do in your driveway or garage, and you can buy the amount of paint you need. Pens and bottles can fix small nicks and chips. Aerosol spray cans can fix scratches.

If you have a scratch in your paint, don’t run the risk of damaging the metal of your vehicle when you can fix the paint yourself quickly and inexpensively.

For more information call 1.888.710.5192 or visit AutomotiveTouchup or Microfinish .