2022 Jeep Compass Takes on the Maine Woods in the Midst of a Hard Winter

Treking 500 Miles in Honda Accord Hybrid; Exclusive Interview with RAM Commercial's Dave Sowers on VanLife Craze; Do You live in a good state for driving?

The 2022 Jeep Compass takes the compact SUV to a new level of comfort and functionality, and it is one of the vehicles we review in this edition of America on the Road. Co-host Chris Teague took delivery of the Compass in the midst of a vicious Maine winter, and he will tell us whether the newest version lives up to the legendary 4×4 reputation Jeep vehicles have established. Among other things the new Compass is the most technologically advanced Jeep Compass ever, so how does it stack up against the other leaders in that redhot segment.

Also in the road test segment Host Jack Nerad and his wife embarked on a 500-mile two-day trek from SoCal to Central California to visit one of their three daughters at college. Their vehicle for the trip was the Honda Accord Hybrid, and the journey was a revelation. If you think all hybrids are alike you need to listen to this episode.

Our special guest is this week is Dave Sowers, head of Marketing for RAM Commercial vehicles. While we don’t typically cover commercial trucks on the show, more and more big vans are becoming lifestyle and getaway vehicles for consumers, so Host Jack Nerad sat down with Dave Sowers to discuss that trend. With a boom in interest in getting outdoors, the ProMaster has become a hot commodity for upscale adventurers.

In the news segment we answer the provocative questions: Do you live in one of the best states for driving? Or are you living one of the worst? We’ll reveal the results of a new study and contribute our opinions on it.

Also in the news, BMW is sending a fond farewell to an engine that has served it well for decades. And there wrapping a car around that engine that will cost 12 lucky American buyers $200,000 each.