How the U.S. Market Influenced the Design of the All-New 2022 Range Rover

Details on the North America Car of the Year Awards from a Jury Member; 2022 Kia Soul Road Test; Which Company Won the 2021 U.S. Sales Crown

2022 Range Rover

An all-new Range Rover comes along only every decade or so, but an all-new version of the seminal luxury SUV has just been introduced and we have exclusive insight into it. Our special guest on America on the Road this week is Nick Collins. He is Executive Director of Vehicle Programs for Jaguar Land Rover, and Host Jack Nerad recently had the opportunity to sit down for a lengthy interview with him. The 2022 Range Rover is full of innovation while remaining true to the Range Rover image. Among the details Collins reveals in the interview are the influences the American market had on the proudly British vehicle’s design.

In the road test segment, Jack Nerad will be taking a long look at the 2022 Kia Soul, a vehicle that has been one of the biggest bargains on the market for the past decade. The question is: does it still deserve that honor as a 2022 model-year vehicle?

Also in the road test segment, guest host Geno Effler, director of corporate communications at J.D. Power, will deliver some special insight on how consumers feel about Kia vehicles. The Korean brand has come a long, long way, and American consumers recognize that. Effler will give the details on how the brand has progressed.

In the news segment of America on the Road, the North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle of the Year Awards have just been announced. We’ll have the details for you direct from the jury — a jury Host Jack Nerad serves as vice president.

Also in the news, there’s a new big dog in U.S. auto sales for the past year. Jack Nerad and Geno Effler will discuss whether the surprising result signals a trend or if it is the product of the current supply chain chaos that has gripped the auto industry.